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SME PowerCad

Collaborative cad-software for industrial building design

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Welcome to SME PowerCad.

This is a 3d design software for industrial buildings.
It is designed to be used for builings up to a size 200 x 200 x 50 meters (or larger if configured differently).
All collaborating designers and engineers have simultaneously and instantly access to the model of the building. An intelligent collision detection prevents designs that can't be built later.
This system is fully object oriented which gives you a high speed and accuracy.

Many types of typical building installation objects are supported, e.g.:

Once you selected an object to be inserted in the scene, an object wizard comes up. All the basic parameters of an object (e.g. length, diameter and wall strength of a pipe) are entered in this wizard.
Once the object is drawn in the scene you may flange other items. E.g. a pipe with diameter of 50 mm has two flanges. One at the beginning and one at the end. If you click at one of these flanges, a flange wizard will come up. You may select one of some items that fit to that flange. In the case of a pipe e.g. a pipe-turn may fit. If the turn is selected to be flanged to the pipe, all necessary dimentions are automatically copied to the new object, so there is no need to set the diameter or wall strength once again.
So the design engineer is able to focus on the important things and will save a lot of time due to all the automatic settings performed when flanging items together.

Development started 2014/06. First alpha release is planned 2015/03. At the moment we are working with 2 software engineers. Please feel free to contact us if you like to contribute.

Programming lanuage

C++, Qt 5.4.0

System requirements

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